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Policy making & regulation


Asia: An emerging market

Revenue projections for the region are huge. What do the next ten years look like in terms of legalisation and roll-out?


The Thai vision

The past, present and future of medical cannabis legislation in Thailand.


WHO and its impact on national policies

International organisations such as the World Health Organisation are becoming increasingly vocal on the application of medical cannabis. How is this impacting policy makers at state-level across different continents?


Prohibitive licensing fees

Companies are worried that the cost of setting up a medical cannabis business are prohibitive to launching products that are affordable for the patient. How are Asian markets handling this?


Case study: Israel - Export regulations

How Israel regulates and enforces the global export of medical cannabis products grown and cultivated locally.


Emerging markets: a cross-continent comparison

How is the Asian market progressing in the medical cannabis industry and what future developments are expected?

Brian Armstrong


Ethical considerations

Creating a tight regulatory environment that is able to benefit businesses as well as patients and physicians.


Harmonisation across Asia

How do the legal frameworks differ between markets and what can be done to harmonise them for the purpose of import, export and cross-border patient travel?


Case study: Canada - Preventing conflicts of interest

What regulations are in place to stop physicians from having financial interests in licensed medical cannabis producers and how is this enforced?


A new legislative framework in Laos

It’s early days but Laos is advancing into the medical cannabis sector. What does the future hold?


Cannabinoid terminology

The importance of developing a common international terminology for the medical cannabis industry.


Thailand: The homegrown approach

What led to the legalisation of private medical cannabis cultivation in Thailand and how is it being regulated?


Addressing challenges to regulate medical cannabis on a global scale

Social, regulatory and economic hurdles fly in the face of a comprehensive global CBD regulatory framework. Is there a common denominator cross-culturally?


Case study: United States - Corporate lawyers in Colorado

What can Asia learn from the legal teams who have worked with numerous medical cannabis businesses in Colorado since legalisation?


Battle of the jurisdictions

Which country in Asia is leading the way with regulatory innovation?


Case study: Netherlands - The evolution of legislation

How as the legislative and regulatory framework evolved over time in response to patients, medical professionals and international changes?

Start up pitch


Start-Up Pitch

Over 100 start-ups will be selected to showcase their products and initiatives throughout Medical Cannabiz World Asia. Start-ups based across all verticals of the medical cannabis supply chain will receive advantageous exposure on the expo floor, with access to a small booth, as well as proximity to top investors and mentors. Each start-up will also be invited to attend lavish networking dinners and additionally will benefit from online opportunities through the Medical Cannabiz World Asia website. However, only the judges’ top ten will make it to the pitch stage during the final leg of the Summit. Expect the competition to be fierce with so many investors to impress!

Medical research & patient testimony


From advocacy to reality

In what way have patients contributed to legislative changes in Asia and how does this compare to the story in Europe?


Treating CNS disorders

An overview of the research on treating central nervous system disorders with medical cannabis.


Management and treatment of psychological disorders

How is medical cannabis being used to manage and treat anxiety and insomia. What are the success rates?


Long term effects of treatment and symptom management with medical cannabis

There’s a lot of debate around the potential negative effects on health of long-term medical cannabis use. How valid is this argument?


The role of pharmacists

What role should the pharmacist play in patient education?


Research and development in Singapore

Overview of the synthetic cannabinoid biology programme to deliver life-saving therapeutics.


Clinical trials in the treatment of epilepsy

Treating epileptic patients with medical cannabis. How do the clinical trials compare to the anecdotal evidence?

Sandra Carrillo


The ongoing debate about cancer treatment

Leading oncologists discuss the research on treating various cancers with medical cannabis.


The use of cannabinoids in pain management

Review of literature providing evidence that cannabindoids act as moderately effective analgesics.


Patient testimony: personal story

One person’s experience with medical cannabis for the management of chronic pain and how this compared to traditional medication.


Funding and promotion of medical research

Both the public and private sector are investing in scientific research. How can the two work together for both the benefit of patients and future commercial success?


Customising a medical cannabis protocol

What are the arguments for varying the dose, strain and composition depending on the genetics of an individual patient?


Patient testimony: paediatric care

Use cases in children with different illnesses.


Autistic Spectrum Disorder

The effectiveness of medical cannabis for managing the symptoms of autism.


Cardiovascular risks

What is the evidence for cardiovascular risk with short- and long-term medical cannabis use?


The dangers of legalisation

Medical cannabis isn’t a catch-all treatment for all diseases and can make some worse. However, the very fact its legal combined with over-pricing may lead patients to seek it on the black market and put themselves in danger. How can this be prevented?

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Investment & business considerations


Review of cannabis stocks

How have the most successful cannabis stocks performed over the past year?


Raising funds from traditional sources

How to attract investment and loans in a sector that’s not only new, but also has negative connotations associated with it.


Cannabis education: a public approach

What sort of public awareness campaigns are needed to de-stigmatise medical cannabis and give appropriate information on the available options?


The role of the consultant

Lots of medical cannabis business consultants are springing up all over the world. In a nascent industry how can they prove their expertise?


Case study: Canada - Supply and demand

What can Asian markets learn from Canada for the accurate forecasting of demand in this new industry?


Educating medical professionals

What sort of qualifications should medical professionals obtain before prescribing cannabis based treatments?


Corporate social responsibility in the medical cannabis industry

Environmental sustainability, social impact, and good governance (ESG).


The rise of medical tourism

Medical tourism has largely been driven by economic factors. With medical cannabis it’s legalisation that propels this sector. How does Thailand plan to capitalise on this?


Strategies for risk mitigation

Investment firms have highlighted several risk factors in investing in the Asia medical cannabis industry. How are these to be reduced?


Case study: Germany - Conservatism

How has the conservative nature of the physician community hindered patients in getting prescriptions and how can similar issues be tackled in other countries?


Revenue generation from ancillary services

What kinds of ancillary businesses are needed to support and grow the medical cannabis sector and how will they benefit?


Public and private healthcare insurance

How are both the public and private healthcare sectors meeting the insurance requirements of medical cannabis patients. What issues do they face?


Synthetic versus plant-derived cannabinoids

Evaluating the production of botanical versus single molecule cannabinoid drugs.


Case study: North America - Demographic analysis

What are the uptake predictions for different demographics in North America. How is this likely to compare with Asia?


Tobacco and alcohol: Giants of industry

As Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol get involved in the medical cannabis industry, how will this affect global markets?


Exchange-traded funds

What’s the advantages of entering the medical cannabis investment market via exchange traded funds?

Grow operations & distribution


Poverty to prosperity

How can farmers in poor rural regions of Asia be encouraged to switch to medical cannabis cultivation?


Quality control and assurance

What sort of standardisation is being used for the guarantee of content stability, humidity levels, and existence of toxins.


Applying artificial intelligence to grow operations

What are the advantages of using AI to predict the size of a producer’s yield and is it financially viable in European markets?


Advances in nano-cannabinoid technology

What are the pros and cons of this budding new technology?


Topical treatments

How can medical cannabis be used for dermatological disorders and the treatment of wounds?


Outdoor Cultivation

What are the benefits and pitfalls of outdoor cultivation?


Cutting edge technology

What innovations can emerging markets take advantage of in the field of extraction and analytics?


Preventing exploitation

Medical cannabis is ripe for exploitation. How can authorities and businesses ensure and enforce a secure supply chain?


Ecological innovation

How can cannabis crops be cultivated with an environmental focus?


Prescriptions, fraud and patient privacy

How do we secure medical records to prevent fraud while maintaining patient privacy?


Addressing the security risk

What can Asia learn about crop security from established, international growers?


Evaluating medical cannabis dispensary policies

Discussion on the most efficient, secure and reliable way to distribute medical cannabis via pharmacies, clinics and other approved outlets.


Bridging the knowledge gap

How is innovative software helping to connect the doctor, the patient and the supplier?


Routes of administration

How does the patient physiology and particular illness affect the efficacy of different routes of administration.


From cultivation to waste disposal

How is Thailand preparing to address environmental requirements in this growing sector?


Large-scale cultivation and extraction

What are the best practices for the design, build and marketing of cultivation and extraction facilities in Israel, US and Canada?


Cross-pollination: how blockchain and cannabis are a match made in heaven

How will blockchain disrupt this sector and transform it into a more lucrative and competitive endeavour?


Third-party relationships

How can the relationship with suppliers of ancillary services and products be regulated to maintain standards?


Advertising a controlled medicine

How do medical cannabis marketing agencies get products into the hands of consumers while abiding by regulatory and payment procedures?

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